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          Promoting spirit of craftsman, innovation leading future development

          China Creation, China Quality and China Brand is the future development direction of Chinese enterprises. Creation comes from the combination and sublimation of theory and practice. Quality comes from the grinding and surpassing of craftsmanship and persistence. Brand is the vitality of enterprise's internal and external sense of inspiration. Hu Zhenqiu model worker innovation Studio is the epitome of innovation spirit and craftsman spirit of Shenzhou enterprises in Jiaodashenzhou

          Dedicated service to support Lianyungang Port to create green water transport

          Dedicated service to support Lianyungang Port to create green water transport As the cleaning artifact of the port terminal, sweeper truck has been continuously helping many ports to promote the construction of green ports and realize the ecological and environmental protection road for 10 years. The sweeper truck spread all over many modern harbor groups, like Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta Area, South-East Coastal Areas, Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, The southwest Coastal Areas.







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